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Crescendo Finance - The Story Behind Our Name

As an experienced violinist and music instructor, Owner of Crescendo Finance, Nancy L. Daniel, MSA, saw a connection between the discipline required in music and in financial services. Our company’s name and tagline were derived from this concept:

  • Crescendo Finance TM
  • Where Life and Finance are in Harmony SM

Nancy has played the violin for almost fifty years, and has been in the financial services industry for more than twenty years. She has an equal passion for each of these disciplines, and applies herself personally and professionally in both areas.

Crescendo’s service offering puts your life and finance in harmony by offering programs that deliver a disciplined, diversified and dynamic approach to investing.

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Crescendo (n., kri•SHEN•doh)

1. Music; a gradual increase in volume;

2. A steady increase;

3. The climactic point or moment in such an increase; peak...